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We've recently moved our blog from Blogspot to Tumblr but we're still in the process of moving our Photo Gallery from Blogspot to Flickr! Hoping to finish the move soon.
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San Camilo MarketSan Camilo MarketSan Camilo MarketSan Camilo Market

San Camilo Market, a set on Flickr.

We are moving our photo gallery from Blogspot to Flickr. Check out what we’ve uploaded so far!

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Over a month later, I think I can say that we have officially converted to Tumblr from Blogspot. Personally, I prefer the Blogspot interface over Tumblr. I think it’s better suited to the blogging that me and Ignas initially envisioned for our blog. However, I love the Tumblr community and the whole point of having this blog is to share our travels with the world. There was no world on Blogspot! 

I first started a Tumblr thinking it would replace our photo gallery but I can’t figure out how to do it. Tumblr photosets are awesome but the whole 10-picture-limit thing makes it impossible for us to use it as a gallery. So instead, I created a Flickr. There are still links to our Blogspot blog/gallery in the sidebar so feel free to visit. Otherwise, I think we’re Tumblin from now on. 


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It started raining at the tail end of our walk so I ran back to the car but Ignas ran to the edge of the cliff to take a last look at the storm over the ocean. #sandiego #pacificbeach #rain #picoftheday (at Palisades Park)

I’m thinking about switching me and Ignas’s photo gallery to Tumblr. I used a free website to import posts from our Blogger gallery and, as you can see, the sizing is all messed up. Going to try to get the hang of Tumblr and hopefully officially convert soon! Any Tumblr tips would be appreciated :)
Me, Heather!

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One of our favorite meals of #2012 was this #rockfish dish from #Pescadoscapitales in #Peru. #nofilter #bedofpotatoes #foodporn #picoftheday

Buenos dias! As you can see, uploading Peru footage has been slow… sorting through 7,000 pictures and ??GBs of video is daunting and the holidays have us in a very laid back mood. We meant to do some serious sorting through Peru pix last weekend but we got caught up in our Christmas’ing! On Friday, it took me 3 hours to get to San Diego. It was raining and I had left LA at 4:15pm. I was tired from the drive and not in the mood to cook so we picked up DiGiorno and White Castle sliders. Ignas added fresh bell peppers and mushrooms to the pizza and it came out very yummy.

Kate O Sessions Memorial Park
For breakfast, we ate pumpkin bread and cream cheese spread that I had made earlier in the week (delicious!). Then, we made our way to Kate O Sessions park. The sky was beautiful, the clouds were fluffy and the air was crisp… just a typical December day in San Diego :)

I’m fascinated by how scary I look. Jumping picture fail.
Next, we headed over to Ocean Beach to walk around and eat. We took pictures and ate lunch at Hodad’s, which claims to have the World’s Best Burger. It was pretty damn good. We got a single bacon cheeseburger (YUM), a chocolate malt (soo good), fries (amazing), tuna sandwich (meh). While walking around town, we stopped by two stores that were exactly me and Ignas. The first store was a seashell/ocean-decor store - Ignas was in love. He bought a few sea stars and some other beach stuff. He was inspired to decorate his apt more after hanging out in there. Then.. we passed by an old school video game store!! Oh my goodness, they had Atari and a classic NES, a SNES, Sega Genesis, Gamecube, Dreamcast, N64, Xbox, arcade machines… I didn’t want to leave. So nostalgic being in there! On the other hand, Ignas was more entertained by my excitement than anything in the store haha.

Our first time ice skating together!
Saturday evening was spent walking around Coronado, cooking Christmas dinner, and watching Christmas movies! For dinner, we made lasagna (the best lasagna I’ve ever had) and beef stew. The first thing we did on Sunday was head over to Best Buy to pick up a new cell phone for Ignas. It took forever and I got antsy so Ignas agreed to go ice skating next. I found one of those holiday-outdoor rinks in Gaslamp and it was so much fun! It was cold and drizzling but that added to the holiday spirit! We headed over to Cremolose for dessert, snacks, and tea. Then, we made our way to the USS Miday to watch the San Diego Bay boat parade! After, we drove to Clairemont and walked through a neighborhood decked out in Christmas lights.

Click here for more pictures from our Christmas weekend! Feliz Navidad!

So up until now, we haven’t been adding captions to the pictures in our photo gallery but I think for 2013, we’ll be putting them in. Actually, I already started with the pictures from our San Diego Christmas :)

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